c/- L. E. SEATON - Flock 470

Seaton Farming Limited,


738 Aylesbury Road,

No. 1 R.D.,


PHONE (03) 318 1773


Courtenay Suffolk Stud was founded in 1979 by the late Bob Seaton with the aim of breeding good types of rams to put over flock ewes. This is still our aim, with the emphasis being on breeding sheep with plenty of meat and good bone structure.

Our stud sheep are run with our flock sheep and receive no preferential treatment.

The soil types on our farm vary from light/medium on our Aylesbury blocks to heavy with a clay base on the Courtenay blocks. One used to say "good sheep country" but recently dairying is gradually encroaching in our area.

At present we run about 170 breeding ewes plus approximately 120 ram and ewe hoggets.

For further info re our stud, please contact either Warwick or Leslie Seaton on (03) 318 1773

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