Chris HAMPTON - Flock 216, SIL 113


50 Kerr Rd,

14 R.D.,

CAVE 7984

                                                                                                                                      Waterton Y302/07

PHONE (03) 614 3330

Cell (027) 202 5679

EMAIL - watertonrams@xtra.co.nz

The Waterton Suffolk Stud was established in 1971 by Peter Hampton. In 1977 Chris Hampton’s Maori Hill Stud was combined to form the stud of today.

The original stud was farmed on the Hampton Family farm on coastal Mid Canterbury. In 2008 we sold the farm at Waterton and moved to Belmont Station at Cave, South Canterbury. Belmont is an 800ha rolling to steep hill country property ranging from 165 to 500m above sea level, carrying 5500 stock units.

Our Suffolk Stud consists of just over 200 ewes, selling 80 rams annually.

Waterton I362/11

We specialise in producing rams for the hill country.

Our breeding objectives:


Easy lambing

Fast growing

Well muscled

Moderate framed

And survive on Hill Country


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We also have South Suffolk and Charollais sheep studs